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Coffee Common: TED x Coffee Common


Coffee flowering after rains

Great coffee is a wonder.

It truly is. Consumers and professionals who have the opportunity to taste great coffee are among the most fortunate few. But in truth, identifying what those great coffees are is a struggle. Somewhere under all the slogans, catch phrases, certifications and other layers of opacity lie the unique tales of each coffee. And these are stories no single brand can communicate - unless it is a brand built around that message.

So, here we are - a small but powerful coalition assembled to serve great coffee and tell the stories behind each one. At TED, we will lift the veil and expose our audience to exactly what makes each coffee great. 

Why these coffee roasters? They represent the very best our industry can do. No, they are not the only great coffee roasters on the planet. Far from it, in fact. But each was able to provide an astonishing coffee and tell the story behind its creation.

Most of the roasters represented are direct competitors - in fact, you could easily make the case that each one is sharing the floor here with its number one competitor. That doesn’t matter though. In the grand scheme of things, its specialty coffee that has the hill to climb. Ethically sourced, delicious coffee is not usually the one with the slogans and the certifications and the tag lines - the bold nor the rich. Ethically sourced, delicious coffee takes time to explain and an attentive audience.

Do you have the time?

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